Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The Privacy Policies that are explained herein are for the benefit of the user. The user agrees to the policies instated and implies their agreement through their use of our website.


Maintaining privacy is our website’s priority, and we take great measures to ensure that user information is gathered and used in conjunction with legal, moral, and ethical standards.


Users accept responsibility to check the website’s Privacy Policy for changes and updates. Information on this page may be changed or updated without previous notification.


Gathering Your Information


We gather user information in two ways. We use cookies, which we will address in an additional segment, and we ask you directly for personal information. This information might include, but is not limited to, name, age, employment status, job title, contact information including a valid email address, geographical location, and personal interests and preferences. We may ask for additional user information should a valid reason arise.


How We Use Your Information


Personal information is convened to determine how we can create a better, more interesting, and more useful website for our users. Your personal information may be added to the information of other users to help us develop a more accurate website. We use several different policies for developing the data necessary for website improvement. These policies include, but are not limited to:


  • Personal information and data storage
  • Combined information data analyzing and storage
  • Direct marketing, promotional offers, and user surveys
  • Market research conducted over the phone, by snail mail or email, or by fax
  • Website customization


Your Privacy and Our Security


Web security to safeguard your personal information is of our highest priority and we recognize the need for tight security policies. We have installed technological security, we utilize physical security, and we have implemented security policies and procedures at the managerial levels. We are committed to preventing unauthorized access and use of your personal information in our database.




Cookies are a vital part of our informational tracking and data collection. Cookies are small data collectors that a website places on your hard drive, once you, the user, has granted permission to do so. The restriction of cookies by the user can interfere with full use of the website. The user has the right to determine whether cookies can or can not be placed on their computer.


Cookies provide direct feedback on your personal internet page use. This tells us what we could add to our website to make it better for your use. This also helps us provide qualified and appropriate promotional materials that match your interests and your activities. Cookies can be programmed to provide direct feedback on specific topics or points of interest.


Our website does not use cookies that records personal information, credit card information, or social security numbers. We use general cookies that grab data from web page use and help us formulate information data that will attract the user back to our website, provide higher quality content, and develop personalized web pages.


Website Links


Websites are commonly linked to each other on the internet. Website links make it easier and more convenient for the user to find additional resources that are related to the points of interest on our website. Each link provides direct access to a different website, and these websites are not an extension of our own website. We do not support, condone, condemn, or agree with content, images, viewpoints, policies, or ideas that another linked website may express. Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are not directly cooperative to any linked website and users accept responsibility for determining a linked site’s policies and conditions.


Control Over Your Personal Information


Users have the right and responsibility to control the flow of their personal information. Users can determine that personal information that they offer can not be used toward direct marketing. This is done on web pages that request your personal information. These web pages have a box that the user can highlight or check that states the personal information entered is not for use in direct marketing campaigns. Previous permission can be over ridden by sending an email request for removal of personal information from direct marketing campaigns by visiting the contact us page and submitting the rescinded permission.


User can determine whether the website holds accurate or inaccurate personal information by obtaining a copy of the information held. A request submitted via the contact us page and a small fee will be sufficient for users to receive any and all personal information that is on file.


Users can also use the contact us page if they wish to correct personal information that is inaccurate or is perceived to be inaccurate.




All information that is available for consumer use is intended for general informational, educational, or entertainment purposes only. We make no guarantees to the accuracy of said information. Human error provides room for misstated, untimely, inaccurate, unreliable, incomplete, or unavailable information, services, products, or images. We hold no responsibility for any and all errors that are on our website. The user may obtain any and all information, material, products, and services at their own risk.


There is no liability or damages that can be claimed from the loss, or perceived loss, or information and data. There is also no liability held by this website for any financial gain resulting from said loss.


Websites that are linked to our website are not under our ownership, operations, control, or agreement. All websites that are linked to our site are separate entities and we hold no liability over their actions, content, nature, or exposure. We have no liability in the linked websites’ availability.


Our website operations are dedicated to providing uninterrupted service. We are not held responsible for any interruptions in service or accessibility due to technical or other circumstances that are out of our control.


All users agree to these policies and hold harmless with express permission via website use the website, its owners, its operators, and all others with vested interest.